Teenager goes viral dancing wildly in a nightclub

If you’re not having this much fun on your night out then you’re not doing it right!

A teenager has become a viral sensation after being filmed dancing wildly in a nightclub.

Video shows Sophie enthusiastically performing her dance moves at a venue in Glasgow, Scotland, on January 12.

She’s got the moves

At one point she even performed the splits, which was the peak of her night. From there on the alcohol took its toll and she began to get a bit wobbly.

Whamly does it

But she soldiered on until she eventually fell over from pure exhaustion and had to to be helped up by friends.She apologised for her behaviour after the video of her was posted on Twitter by her friend Lauren Sweeney.

Have it!


Shake it baby

Sophie wrote: “The bday bitch. Ps am so sorry for anyone who had to see me last night x”.

But her friends did not seem to mind, with Ms Sweeney writing: “I’m not even sorry for anyone that witnessed Sophie last night, she is the best entertainment and I am now taking bookings for future 18ths.’

Another friend added: “My favourite gal last night too funny.”

Another pal said: “Coming here from the video, and just wanna say I’m keeping that energy with me for the rest of 2019.”

It wasn’t just her friends who were impressed with her dance moves.

A Twitter user wrote:

‘Fantastic effort staying on her feet through most of that in them heels. And the splits was 10/10.’

Another added:

“I’ve got tears, when she jumps into the splits and then rolling around on the floor.”

Oh well

Many others were also tagging in their own friends they thought had the same energy as Sophie when on a night out. The video of Sophie dancing has already been viewed more than 1.3 million times.It has also been liked by more than 40,000 Twitter users.