Mari Ag is the gun-toting, bikini wearing cop protecting lives on the streets of Brazil

Meet the gun-toting, bikini wearing, crime fighting cop protecting innocents on the dangerous streets of Brazil.

Mari, 30, is a highway patrol cop in Rio de Janeiro. She made up her mind to become a police officer when she was a child as she wanted to help protect her community from the criminals and gangs that are ‘so powerful and terrible in Brazil’. She says her country is in a state of civil war and protecting innocent people is her goal.

‘The place I work has the worse criminality in the city, so we fight against heavily armed gangs that rob, kill, rape and terrify the community and the users of the federal highway’





Brazil has nearly 60,000 murders a year, more than some war zones, and boasts 21 of the world’s 50 most dangerous cities. The job is so dangerous that only last week two of her fellow officers were shot while on patrol.

whamly recently got in touch with her and this is what she had to say :

“I work for the federal police in one of the most dangerous high ways in the world, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I have always dreamed of becoming a policewoman and i love my job, but of course its very stressful and that’s why i found a good way to stay calm and happy. travelling the world, getting to know beautiful beaches, swimming with the sharks is what i absolutely love to do”



Mari has amazed over 138k followers on Instagram and keeps them hooked with pictures of her work life and her real life. She works hard so she likes to play hard, as her jaw dropping bikini clad holiday shots show.

She likes to keep her mind and body healthy through travel and exercise, and keeps her body beach ready because as she says

‘in brazil, we’re all about bikinis’

Follow her on IG: @mari_ag7

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